Environmental Sustainability

Crystal Swan on the Swan River

As a cruise vessel on the beautiful Swan River, the Crystal Swan respects and understands environmental sustainability. With the goal in mind to reduce our carbon footprint, we have put in place the following strategies:


To understand our footprint first we must measure our energy, water and fuel usage.

Copies of our accounts in these areas have been accessed to determine our starting points.

In the past twelve months we have reduced:

water usage by 5%

diesel usage by 6%

landfill waste by 50%

A dedicated effort to reduce these inputs is now in place. 

Skippers – reduce fuel usage

Chefs – Reduce water & waste

Management – Encourage results

Turn it off Campaign

Adopt LED technology

Identify & fix water leaks

Changing flow rates on equipment

Replacement of inefficient engines

Replacement of fridge door seals

At our property in the south west of WA we have recently planted

15 x Black Wattle Acacia’s

10 x Paulownia*

50 other native shrubs & bushes 

The directors of Crystal Swan Cruises believe in protecting our environment and by planting the above native trees, shrubs and bushes will restore some of our carbon footprint.

These efforts are ongoing with further planting planned.


*Cultivated primarily for its fine, light and valuable timber, Paulownia can also be used for biomass, carbon sequestration, pruned to supply nutritious fodder to livestock during dry times and is highly ornamental with masses of sweetly scented trumpet shaped flowers in spring.

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As always, the Crystal Swan excelled in every area! One of the best run organisations I have come across. Well done to all the wonderful staff, we had a great time.
– Tanya Leyting
Armadale Police
December 2015

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